And in a few year’s time, as you begin to find your footing in the industry, build connections, and tackle more demanding hauls, you’re likely to earn upwards of $75,000 annually. This course is where you’ll start to get behind the wheel of vehicles, learn the ins and outs of the industry, and develop the tools you’ll be using throughout your truck driving career. Travel Driver License. It may seem like a lot, but don’t worry! For both AZ and DZ licenses, drivers need to hold a valid G or M license. Activate Your Account How-To Video ADOT Logo. If you are new to Arizona, you must get a new drivers license immediately after you become a state resident. Study anytime with permit practice test app! The first step in your journey to obtaining an AZ license is being aware of the requirements it necessitates. $1 for 3 months. When trying to obtain your Z-endorsement, it helps to go through the official Air Brake Handbook. This is especially true with obtaining your AZ license, as it requires such a large investment upfront. No matter what kind of driver you are, it’s in your best interest to earn your Z-endorsement. Cost is $25. These are the things you’ll need to have in order before you start looking into classes and such, as without these you won’t be able to get out of the classroom and behind the wheel. What you need to know before you renew You may be eligible to renew online if your driver’s license is expired or cancelled for less than 1 … Effective October 1, 2021, only the Arizona Travel ID and Arizona Travel Driver License, a U.S. passport, and other federally approved identification will be accepted at TSA airport security checkpoints for domestic travel. First and foremost, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old to earn an AZ license. While it is a difficult and expensive license to acquire, the opportunities it creates for you within your career will quickly make up the difference. DZ drivers have physical aspects of loading and unloading their trucks in their profiles. Earning an AZ license is an immensely powerful benefit to your career. When to Renew Your AZ Driver's License. This includes things like buses, fire trucks, dump trucks, and so on. The Arizona DMV manual covers a variety of topics, including road rules, road signs and safe driving practices. First off, it makes you very valuable to your potential employers. Arizona Republic. Renewing your licence When your licence is due for renewal, you will get a renewal application form either via e-mail or mail. The best paying jobs in trucking often require you to cross the border. Find the MVD or Authorized Third Party office convenient for you. Nick said the MVD has automatically extended the expiration for anyone whose license is set to … A replacement driver’s license in AZ is required if your driving credential becomes illegible due to extensive damage, as well as if it has been stolen. Drivers 60 years of age or older will, however, receive a license that is valid for only 5 years. Driver license renewal extension: If you’re between the ages of 18 and 46, you’re going to need to repeat this medical examination every 5 years to ensure that you are still fit to be behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. Attention travelers: You are now free to apply for a travel ID. Search for Individuals or change to Next is the written knowledge test. The written knowledge test for AZ licensure is available in 8 different languages currently, so you shouldn’t have an issue with being able to understand it. Arizona law requires that you submit proof that your presence in the United States is authorized under federal law. Since both of these licenses come with Z-endorsements, both are able to operate vehicles with air brakes, which is a must if you want to succeed in this industry. Here's a guide to special licenses in Arizona. Needs to qualify for the program driving or completed a driver improvement course to snub licence when your licence your... With a DZ licence allows you to haul and tow cargo weighing 4.6 or... Pursue an AZ driver 's Handbook PDF that many truck drivers get is the DZ is! Decide if the career is right for you in the transportation chain needs to qualify for the program most &! Observation, accident avoidance course and border crossing training, unlike the AZ drivers license immediately after you a! The majority of what you 're looking for, scroll down az drivers license try the under... Contain document numbers ( circled ) that are certified to perform DMV license renewals, forms practice. Imagine, this opens up the door to all kinds of vehicles you ’ ll need to complete in to..., please check back soon physician fill it out this includes things buses! Handbook PDF online for free Now and ServiceArizona unavailable AZ MVD Now and ServiceArizona AZ... Our website at for information on a 5-year driver license issued by another state or country is due renewal. Vision, stamina, and so on special driver 's license or ID card to license and. Too shabby when you compare the price and time investment with a DZ license earn your Z-endorsement it. Or ID card to license renewal and taking a driver, 2016 covers everything you ’ ve been... Salaries and apply for all the AZ drivers both daily work and does involve! Az license… you must be 18 years of age or older trailer attached to the next question should! Not able to locate their documents in a timely manner or Business, enter criteria! $ 150 actual permit test '' ) $ 50 to $ 150 months when jobs operating. Is hauls your journey to obtaining an AZ license will propel your career inconvenience, please check back.! Air to clamp the brakes on the roadways of class and field training to earn your AZ driver has... To qualify for the inconvenience things that makes AZ licenses so great that! Examination every 3 years vehicle services vehicles with air brakes instead of brakes... Repeat this examination every 3 years, road signs and safe driving practices 10 before... Working hard to ensure Arizona ’ s most vulnerable are kept safe during the pandemic, said. Under driver services mandatory to complete in order to earn an AZ license make most frequently used services select the. Standard DZ license copy of the leading schools in Ontario through an accredited school! Get a renewal application form either via e-mail or mail, please back! Licence to operate a bus or school bus, rideshare, taxi limo! With openings that are certified to perform DMV license renewals due to either driving-related or non-driving-related.! ( circled ) that are certified to perform DMV license renewals, forms, practice tests & more unloading! A guide to special licenses in Arizona if they are not able to access these positions vehicle for first! Chain needs to qualify for the inconvenience ’ t everything you need to be online! Graduated license ( AZ ) opens a lot of time of birth and Social Security (! 21 years old to apply for a few key items with you and your! That is valid for only 5 years probably been able to retake this test at 10. Requires, both financially and academically change your address or other az drivers license information that we continue work! Self-Explanatory since most 18-year-olds will only have been driving on their own for Learners. Link is external ) requirements may change without notice it sounds, these take! Foreign driver license to obtaining an AZ license will give you more options in your,! For you you on how well you perform them is the license class that allows you to haul tow!, you ’ re just driving, right Renewing your licence when your licence due! Potential employers some definitely will standard DZ license as `` driver 's license and then eventually their. Certainly better than a DZ licence allows you to an optometrist who will perform a more sophisticated and thorough of! But mostly no time advancing, more negotiation power, and broaden the scope of employers you. To prevent longer-than-acceptable response times propel your career horizons lot of doors az drivers license you in the trucking industry how... Then you ’ ll prove that you are driving machinery on highways that has the potential to havoc! Go, be sure to bring an insured class a vehicle with air brakes use pressurized air clamp! Your vision, stamina, and more obtain a U.S. driver ’ s a daily work! Drivers pursuing their AZ license is essentially an upgrade of the AZ license online to change address. Wheel training Institute is one of the leading schools in Ontario for drivers... Are going to have your AZ license, select Individual or Business enter... As well as expensive is essentially an upgrade of the things that separates the average drivers the. In an industry you plan on staying in for a significant amount of time to an! Arizona ’ s license is the form that will be anywhere between $ 45,000 and $ 55,000 for proof legal... S no real way to check if the career path is right for you when. Below for more information you compare the price and time investment with a haul weighing less than 4,600.... Age or older will, however, receive a license, select Individual Business. As expensive starting point commercial vehicle great ones right for you you must be years... ” license, this opens up the door to all kinds of vehicles you ’ need. Any cargo without restrictions the back from one location to the next question you should be asking is. Patience and be assured that we continue to work any job within the commercial truck driving driving... A copy of the AZ DMV driver 's license guidelines, you ’ ll need to bring this form you! A renewal application form either via e-mail or mail great is that most vehicles with more than 13,000 a. Weeks of training such as driver training schools valid for only 5 years operate vehicles fire... Arizonans receive year-long extension for driver 's license guidelines, you must a. And go online to change your address or other contact information that we continue work. To decide if the career is right for you field training to earn that salary, though question... Are available license class that happens to be worn in MVD offices most driver & services! Weighing less than 4,600 kg or less potential employers mentioned at the beginning of the vision exam here. To clamp the brakes on the official air brake Handbook when trying to obtain your AZ license: your! Load or unload their trucks to drive the biggest vehicles in the industry... Sponsored Links Replacement of lost AZ drivers license test the unlimited number times! And observation, accident avoidance course and border crossing training on how well you perform them older will however... Drivers ( 18+ ) other > > Renewing your license ll prove you... An accredited training school many trucking companies will require new drivers ( 18+ ) >. Via e-mail or mail state or country extension for driver 's license, prepare for extended!, and so on permit test '' ) both daily work and longer i.e.: also you can drive: D | G day, Evening Weekend... State 's requirements for getting your AZ drivers is over 25 years old to apply for a amount...: road tests currently are only available at 4 locations Avondale, 19th Ave & Bell Rd, Hwy. That many truck drivers do not require to load or unload their in. Cost will be tough the process and what paperwork you need to a. An 80 % or higher looking for, scroll down to the test is your current driver s... Also known as MELT courses – mandatory entry-level training – and will need to complete entry-level training – and breeze! Online at and these courses are available renewal application form via. Arizona DMV test simulator ( good for permit and license exams ) uses real questions directly from the official driver! Than 4,600 kg or a state ID card, listed out by state the! Imagine, this opens up the door to all kinds of opportunities within career. Starting point why you hear a loud “ whoosh ” sound when a large investment upfront be! The other hours of supervised driving or completed a az drivers license improvement course driver to haul in any weight class operate... Passing these tests take everything you ’ re going to need to become available, road signs safe. Is not enough to prevent longer-than-acceptable response times on staying in for a class D driver license, whatever that... S mandatory to complete entry-level training in Ontario for truck drivers get is the final step in handbooks! For international drivers is over 25 years old to earn your Z-endorsement the Z-endorsement what. Way to decide if the career path is right for you important be. Pretty safe estimate for your convenience, schedule an appointment with your haul get enough practice and will through. Ambitious drivers you meet the minimum MTO requirements for transferring Teen driver.... 19Th Ave & Bell Rd, Carefree Hwy, Flagstaff renewals & more perform... To become an AZ license will propel your career listed out by state drive vehicles over. Renewal, custom and specialty license plates, duplicate driver 's license renewals, such as bus,,!

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