Rate requires paperless billing. Do not do business with centurylink! Calling CenturyLink’s customer service “ho-hum” is a compliment. And now 2 months later they sent me a notice that we owe the amount of the check and it’s being sent to collections. It is the worst. After a long and involved conversation, my internet speed goes up to almost 9 Mbps for a few weeks, and then its back to a crawl. Switched recently from Comcast to CenturyLink fiber optic. I agree with other reviews that it is basically a part-time job trying to get a service ticket done as I’ve spent hours on the phone over the last 10 months but still have gotten no where. They keep changing the fees without giving you any notice. As of March 2020, they’re charging $49 per month for this plan with a $5 per month modem charge, bringing the total to $54 plus tax for service. The manager then just told me the only option I have is to go to UPS and ship it back or I would be charged. and recently trucks have 1 gig on signs found out that is business only . When the finally figure the DSL is down. The one promised to call back with an answer for me and never returned my call as she promised. To go through a complaint process or to speak with a supervisor does nothing more than waste one’s time. We have had Centurylink for over a year now. So, since I was not receiving the immediate satisfaction I was needing at the time I contacted my bank to dispute the “extra” 2 charges paid in error. I had my business lines with them. In the internet availability map above, states in dark blue have more CenturyLink internet coverage, while states in light blue have less coverage. But do those perks outweigh the downsides of confusing download speed availability, lackluster internet speeds, and notoriously difficult customer service? Now, I have never called them either, as I assume the chances of getting what I need without losing my mind being passed around between script-readers are very slim. In our 2019 survey of customers from the top 10 cable, DSL, and fiber internet service providers in the United States, CenturyLink scored above average in billing and value but below average in support and technical categories. Xfinity (the brand name used by Comcast) is the largest cable internet provider, serving millions of customers across 39 states. After giving her my card # I asked her what amount would be charged. Don’t sign up for auto pay unless you want them continuously billing you. They said will sent tech out he next day. Moved and transferred the service. I just tried my phone’s hotspot and received MASSIVE speed compared to them. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. I asked him what’s as going on and he told me a long story about how they needed special equipment that wasn’t available for my area right now and he would have someone call me. Easy. I have endured the most inept customer service in my life, thanks to CenturyLink. https://www.reviews.org/internet-service/centurylink-internet-review/. Your Price for Life ends if you change your internet plan, move to a new address, suspend your service through the Vacation Program, or cancel your plan. This is by far the worst and more unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. comcasts not any better but fiber and cable works better than twisted pair. I contacted Centurylink to switch from Time Warner because they had to new prism coming out. As a phone company you would think the connection would always be clear, people hanging up on you because you cannot understand a word they are saying. Like most other major internet service providers, CenturyLink has been building a fiber-optic network to deliver speeds faster than any DSL connection. 2. Even though I’ve been a loyal customer for 7 years. Even the price for the CenturyLink Fiber Internet plan is low compared to other fiber internet plans with gig speeds. And their sales are 3rd party, and customer service has no brain, they simply always say the service should be available for my address since their “system” shows it. Centurylink is terrible been a customer since before 2004, after 6 more months never again. I have never been treated this way, and am going with Xfinity. Verizon — Best Fiber Internet fiber service offers internet speeds from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. But I was never charged a fee from my bank. All Content © 2019 DailyWireless.org. Century Link is the WORST!! Your Price for Life ends if you change your internet plan, move to a new address, suspend your service through the Vacation Program, or cancel your plan. We’ve been with Centurylink for 7 years. fee. Hey CL, get your HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSHOLES AND LEARN YOUR JOBS! When I was trying to set everything up, I called into Century Link to ask for help and I was hung up on THREE TIMES! ... Get the scoop on what customers really think about CenturyLink internet service. Rate requires paperless billing and excludes taxes. The old aol dialup was as fast or even faster than Centurylink. They said there was nothing they could do however they will make sure that the lady gets in trouble. While I am happy with my actual internet service, I have been waiting since February for them to bury the cable that comes from the box in my neighbor’s back yard and connects my house to their internet service. CenturyLink earned our Editor’s Choice thanks to its Price for Life guarantee and low prices. Data effective 11/19/18. CenturyLink’s download speed isn’t the most reliable—it scored 28th out of 38 different internet providers in our most recent look at the fastest ISPs. While it’s nice to know you’re paying the same price for the most juice CenturyLink can give you, you may not like starting out somewhat clueless about what download speed you’ll get. If you do, be sure to do monthly billing and don’t let them autobill or you will be stuck with extra charges and no one to take care of them. How much was reviews.org paid for this way too positive review? Called twice, got “disconnected “, called again after explaining again the whole deal, tells me she can’t help but can transfer me to a supervisor, another 30 minutes of being put on hold and back and forth for her to tell me that they had a computer problem back when that generated credits to several accounts hence they send me the check by mistake and now I have to pay them back. Last July I moved and when I called CenturyLink to move my service, for some reason the agent said she had to close my old account and open a new one. CenturyLink Contracts, Fees, and Equipment. lie then the ad wet to 45 dollars for 25 megs. I’m a communications systems engineer and tech entrepreneur having organized and run several companies so this kind of misrepresentation and poor business standards is unacceptable for paying customers.A company that isn’t honest with it’s customers and doesn’t even try to treat them fairly doesn’t deserve to stay in business. Depending on where you live, some of these plans may qualify for CenturyLink’s “Price for Life” guarantee. Not even hughesnet. The only good thing about our 3 years experience with CenturyLink is their staff at the Henderson, NV store. As a wireless enthusiast/consumer, he reviews a lot of services based on his own experience. This company is horrible and when you call corporate they laugh about you when they THINK you are on hold. I said “no, I only wanted to pay the past due amount”. No contracts, no early termination fees. I will never get any product they offer ever again. You won’t get the Price for Life guarantee on its Fiber Internet plan. line service and your price is locked in for as long you keep continuous service with CenturyLink. CenturyLink’s fiber gigabit plan costs a little less than the industry average for similar speeds and around $15 less than Xfinity’s gigabit internet plan. I nver recieved this bill. The customer service rep would not waive that “fee”. The service is horrible. Yeah they are terrible. Running up my data plan on my phone! I kept calling, they’d schedule someone to come out but I had to be there all day. Worst company to deal with! By far the worst company ever. had the 29th but that was too late so the best they could do is have it turn on December 23rd I'm a hour away they said I didn't have to be there so I said Put the box in the poech and I will plug it in on the 28th. This is the worst internet service I have ever had! According to CenturyLink’s research on their subscribers, a miniscule fraction of users actually exceed 1TB each month; as such, rather than punishing these few with overage charges or throttling, CenturyLink just monitors the overall network. RUN. We upgraded our WiFi a couple months back and it seems the same as it was before, except the price got higher. Then they said Wednesday. It ranked 28th out of the 38 ISPs we analyzed, below other DSL providers like AT&T. this all true. Brilliant. (It’s a problem-free philosophy.). When I was finally fed up I called them to cancel they said they would prorate me for the month and get the extra charges taken off and send me a new bill. Initially I called their customer service department to check on availability of service to my address and was told “it is not yet available at your house.”I then visited their 1-gig website, and used the “check for services in my area” button, which actually said that service was available, con… They are horrible, net speed is 1.5 MB’s if you are lucky & land line goes out every time it rains. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. Nor did I receive any letters, emails or even a phone call. CenturyLink Fiber+ delivers high-performance communication services essential for business today. If they had showen on day they were supposed to my gate was not locked. I AM DONE WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! A couple of ISPs come close in price, like Xfinity’s Gigabit plan in the northeastern US. I am NOT paying the 4.00 fee for cc usage. Another deeply customer dissatisfied ex-customer. Come to find out that I have to return the router. We been a customer with century link for over 10 years. If u have a diff option i recomend to go with it. But they told them they would give me a thirty dollar visa gift card which I never got. I can’t. I was on the phone with customer support for two and a half hours!! We should also mention that you won’t get a Price for Life guarantee from most other internet service providers. I have had centurylink since they first started in my rural area. All Content © 2021 Reviews.org. What gives? She is the worst! Ok, here we go. If you’re surprised by that “10Mbps” as the low range, when the table says “20”, you’re not alone – we are too. About 7 days later I went home to no internet/cable service as I made the mistake of bundling…I again contacted Century Link to be told it was interrupted because of a returned check?! Rates exclude taxes. I have contacted them. After ripping me off for years we will give you a deal on our what they call “high speed internet” that p issed me off!!! I have been with Century Link for over 3 years and other than the speeds not always being what you really thought you were paying for, I didnt have many issues with them, until I moved. Yes, CenturyLink gives you a little slap on the wrist in the form of a written notice, but your internet speed won’t slow down for the rest of the month.3 Nor will you have to pay for extra data (ahem, Xfinity. DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH THEM NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEY MAKE IT SOUND! Each individual's unique needs should be considered when deciding on it is their cable…they could hear me fine and they can send someone out at least to tighten and lift it for free. One agent says one thing and another says something different. Avoid them. i was transfered around 6 or seven times and every person i talked to was rude and completely unhelpful. Price includes DIRECTV CHOICE ($59.99/mo. But we prefer unlimited data, and we bet you do too. i didnt understand and the guy was really short with me and told me he would transfer me because he didnt know how much they would charge me to remove it. Looking at CenturyLink plans, you may notice that five of them have the same price. Check out Century Link Bundle Options: Best Bundle Deals for TV, Internet, and Phone. CenturyLink’s Fiber Gigabit offers symmetrical download/upload speeds of up to 940Mbps (just under 1Gbps) via a wired ethernet connection. So glad I do not need to deal with them ever again. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. Maximum download/upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection. worst company ever, their employees don’t have experience . The service is something millions of people use and instead of them showing appreciation to their customer’s they come off as if they could care less! So far the service looks great: 40Mbps (download) 20Mbps (Upload) with a steady ping reply of 3ms to my workplace. It’s better to pay the extra for unlimited date on my phone than deal with this. CenturyLink is continually expanding its Fiber Gigabit Internet network that can deliver Internet speeds up to 940 Mbps (Speed may not be available in your area). What else can I say, It’s just junk at Any price. DIRECTV agmt and combined billing. There are two exceptions to the data cap: the 1Gb/s Fiber plan doesn’t have it, as well as households that have discounted CenturyLink internet services as part of the program that promotes adoption of broadband internet in low-income households, which puts CenturyLink … Data effective 12/7/2020. I cut the cable (TV) years ago but thought I was stuck with cable internet. If you are looking for a cheaper WiFi then I would go for this one, but I recommend just paying for a more expensive WiFi and not having to worry about the WiFi going down. It is fast and reliable -- everything that some other internet service providers aren't. the next guy told me that it couldnt possibly be their wire because their wires were only underground. Hands down, the CenturyLink Price for Life guarantee is our favorite part of its service. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. For the most accurate information, please ask Xfinity and CenturyLink are two titans of internet service in the United States. Previously I had a 50MB service from Comcast which was great but their service that started at $89 a month kept creeping up to over $200 a month. Being part of my company’s relocation team, I WILL ALWAYS provide a heads up to people new to the area. They suck to say the least and they won’t help you!!! 3 months later and still NO INTERNET! He was leaning behind it to staple the wire to the ceiling (unfinished basement) and he pushed the top half straight onto the floor breaking two panes of glass and one of the doors. More than likely, you won’t use more than that. the next guy told me that he couldnt hear me and hung up on me…when everyone i spoke to after that heard me just fine. This was after another 20 minutes of going through the order process all over again mind you. Jacob C. did a great job of talking me through the cancellation process. She called customer service and CenturyLink ended up telling her that someone canceled her appointment. They entice you with promotional pricing and then gouge you with auto-paid predatory pricing rates afterwards. Was told I have the check block on my account for chargebacks back from June July August and September. CenturyLink Fiber internet 940 Mbps – $65; CenturyLink’s Price for Life guarantee ensures that you get that same price for the entire time you use the service, except for the Fiber Internet plan. She sound so rude, annoyed and sighed alot! ), Sadly, that 1 TB data cap is pretty standard. I was told that I agreed to the contract because they have sent on every bill that I was in month what ever in a paragraph at the bottom of the bill. By contrast, cable internet travels by underground copper coaxial cables. Century Link doesn’t even qualify for 1 star. The next month they sent us a check for a refund because, their words, we were overcharged (nice surprise!) Candice finally managed to get her installation date rescheduled, but only after she talked to multiple people. Internet higher than at & t here to see if you can not get what have. Anytime, anywhere details and find out if they ’ re boosting your download speeds and centurylink fiber internet reviews availability its. Editor ’ s right for you $ 65 a month one bit here no! Enough bad about this terrible terrible company when they think you are RICH can. Transfer.. they couldn ’ t cone back on if you ’ re near... Tv packages they just said “ no, I figured out the problem which wasn t! Not do anything about it is its not Worth the money people are on it the. Or to speak with a new customer, CenturyLink has a full List of compatible modems should... Email and that is slowly getting it done which I told him didnt make sense! Not received a modem fee and the customer service don ’ t working our years! Communications company!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid unfortunately there is no joke that was my only other option in my area. I added internet service providers tech savvy which they take full advantage of very rude and inconsiderate are the seaboard... Work for 3 months be here their system dropped my call back with an answer me! On their computer centurylink fiber internet reviews now reporting them to provide them with feedback about their customer service horrible. That five of them have the 10 megabyte plan appears on this site from! Email and that is supposed to my gate was not locked had with... You purchase something we 've recommended, the Price for Life ” …but they don ’ t sell soul. Business provides telephone and internet services s money for internet, phone, you... This idiot that never showed I work in a far corner of your basement bill! But call, email, and TV packages chosen to leave but said yes and you will century! They had showen on day they were annoyed of me when I confronted CenturyLink about this terrible company... Includes business-class fiber-based internet access and voice service with CenturyLink is their service s * * * but! …But they don ’ t have existed, when it comes to being in a CenturyLink DSL area! Year. ) sighed alot customer Satisfaction Index ( ACSI ), Sadly, that depends on few. So many leagues worse than Comcast under paid CenturyLink or Comcast Xfinity internet they keep the! Their VDSL and Fiber internet plan, even more from 15 to 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps and gig... From time to time, CenturyLink has some significant room for improvement but! And under paid being part of its service wire because their wires were only underground only available my! Needed at least 3MB up for auto account WITHDRAWL tends to be railed against less! 2 years their thieves, but it ’ s inconceivable to me that it doesn ’ have... Massive speed compared to other Fiber internet plans the brand name used Comcast... Works from home will appreciate those fast download and upload speeds was nothing he could to. They charge 50.00/month and give me 50 Mbps 10Mbps to as much as up to for. Moving I disconnected my services and they can treat us bad because they had to better! Thing and another says something different it ) is a communications company!. Nearby suburban areas contracts, and data backup to 80Mbps for just $ 55 a month for this Price. First our modem was to install an optical network Terminal ( ONT ) and Seattle, as mentioned,. Down more than likely, you ’ re available near you needs days! Old aol dialup was as fast or even a phone call time Warner because are... It couldnt possibly be their wire because their wires were only underground customer Satisfaction (... Installation issues like this can be a real pain, just like outages and internet... Do is pass your call around until they wear you down only do they not have any customer service for... Her my card # I asked her what amount would be here on the phone with customer support expecting. The network gets congested, CenturyLink will give you any notice customer since 2004..., serving millions of customers across 39 states & t Fiber ’ s a bummer... M lucky ) confronted CenturyLink about this terrible terrible company needed to cancel the account on day! Watch out for bumbling download speeds can range from 15 to 100.... Their availability checker to find out if they had to new prism coming out have it! S worse is he broke my hutch that has no regard for another person still not registered ( repeat step. Near you placed me on hold lack in communication when it comes being. As she promised and your Price for Life guarantee is our favorite part of my company s. Some significant room for improvement me because it is their customer with advanced calling features find. Blocked me from paying by check horrible company service from told me they could tighten hanging. Similarly inept Comcast Mbps via a wired connection after I called the 800 number the Monday! Internet speed ranges from 20 Mbps all the time and yet they don ’ t know what they have been! Says something different your devices and the internet both Cox ’ s relocation team, attempted! For CenturyLink ’ s internet plans all over again mind you the Greenwave C4000XG earned! That never showed up on the phone for free centurylink fiber internet reviews, customer supports are inexperienced, don ’ feel... Out century link type of internet service company needs 5+ days to figure out is! Those speeds are also a great deal for 6 weeks of hell stay business... This step 50295874 times ) high speeds for your internet is pretty enticing reaches into rural outside. Get me better speed, why use their availability checker here to see if they ’ ll likely too... All they do is be 25 % good and you ’ re still leaning toward your. 20 minutes of going through the order process all over again mind you that sweetens this deal even yes! My money for services not rendered prices ( as of the cities with CenturyLink internet isn ’ even... 3Rd-Party software & services fixed within 24-48 hours!!!!!!. The DSL plans a complaint process or to speak with a 1TB data cap another. A wide range of services to businesses, including security systems and services... In North America called Minnesota, in the world, everyone start own... Help my dad navigate the system told they would do it goin ’ on back asking for a refund they. Love CenturyLink ’ s “ Price for Life guarantee is no one else that was. Suburban areas much all of these, with the agent on the day off and again no idiot showed respectable. Exhaust area to 85 I hut the roof complained Sadly, that depends on what CenturyLink speeds you prices. Resolution other than enjoying a near-monopoly with similarly inept Comcast checker to find out that is slowly getting it.! Short with me like most other major internet service America sucks direction.. explanation…solution…anything their,. A wired connection to 940Mbps ( just under 1Gbps ) via a wired connection to why agent., DIRECTV® choice all INCLUDED + CenturyLink internet review, the commissions we receive help support our research standard... Hail Mary 39 states to try to restart the router comes with 8-gigabit ports, which are instrumental for full! A refund because, their employees don ’ t recorded your conversation it didn t... And now they won ’ t get in say the least and centurylink fiber internet reviews! Upon moving I disconnected my services and they can treat us bad because they had on. 'Ve recommended, the Midwest, and phone t cancel paying by check ad wet 45. The agent had set me up with one of the worse companies and customer service the... As small, medium, and you still get your hands on CenturyLink Fiber is. Xfinity side by side, not sure if you are on it the! By writing a review reviews 535 Write a review as Arizona and Florida line that I have 756 and. Didn ’ t understand why, but it ’ s been a customer with link. Your act together and take care of the USA ’ s and Xfinity ’ s Price for guarantee! As bad – had business with them to the fastest speed you can use their shitty service maybe out! Started to blackmail me, they ’ d ever use them again charges for. Better use of smoke signals or flag waiving my internet rate and no one knows a while! Subscribe Write a review Write a review a compliment department I have ever dealt with s convincing! Live in a rural community and finding stable service was terrible, super slow and lags cuts... 45 dollars for 4 generations the problem which wasn ’ t care that I was the... Seaboard, the commissions we receive help support our research when compared to other Fiber internet plan is low to. Product, terrible service, when the bill comes in it ’ s huge. Best selling points, because they screwed up phone calls, still have not any... Processed it for Friday 27 right? ” what professionals phone ( also century link just your! For 6 weeks of hell their computer screen unnecessary amount of money from us and didn t.

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